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Genetic Testing 

 Your DNA

Each person has within their DNA a unique code which gives rise to his or her unique attributes. Also contained within this DNA is a code, or blue print of who we are and who are predecessors were genetically. If you have first degree relatives who carry genes which have predisposed them to the development of  certain diseases, then you may have inherited a genetic predisposition to cancer as well While the most well studied genes to date include  for example, p53, BRCA1, BRCA2 genes. there are many other less penetrant genes which can contribute to  overall cancer risk.  If we can identify individuals with inherited genetic mutations, then we can follow them with increased surveillance, additional screening measures and offer them individualized preventative therapy and prophylactic surgery if applicable. 

Fortunately, today there are high quality genetic tests avaialbe which allow us to identify if patients are at increased risk based on an inherited gene mutaions. Schedule a consult today  to see if you carry any genes which increase your risk for cancer. 

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